Toy poodles make an excellent dog for anyone that wants an intelligent and agile smaller dog. They are the perfect fit for individuals or families if you’re willing to care for them properly. As one of the most valued toy Poodle breeders, here’s what you need to know.

How to Care for a Toy Poodle

You need to know several things before purchasing a toy Poodle. If you follow the breed’s care requirements, you will love how easily these dogs fit into your lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know:

Exercise Requirements

Regarding exercise, you’ll need to keep the toy Poodle’s size in mind. Although they love being active and athletic, their small size can leave these dogs prone to injuries if you aren’t careful. An hour a day with at least one walk is enough exercise to keep these dogs happy.

Grooming Requirements

One of the main reasons people are attracted to toy Poodles is they’re minimally shedding, allergy-friendly coat. Although you won’t experience as much shedding as with other breeds, Poodles require more clipping and grooming maintenance than many other breeds. You should get in the habit of brushing your dog daily to avoid matting. If you are unfamiliar with grooming, consider bringing your dog to a professional groomer. They can keep your pup’s coat short if you don’t have time to brush daily.

Feeding and Diet Requirements

Another thing you need to consider is feeding. Male dogs will grow to be 4-6 pounds, and females should be between 3-5 pounds so they don’t need to overeat. Stick to high-quality ingredient dog food to ensure they stay healthy and do not become overweight. Talk to your vet or toy Poodle breeders for food suggestions.

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