Everything You Need for Your Maltipoo Puppy

When welcoming a new puppy to your family, there’s much to consider. Are you ready to purchase one of our Maltipoo puppies for sale Arkansas? Let’s discuss what you’ll need to welcome your new addition to their furever family.

Must-Haves for Your New Maltipoo Puppy

Maltipoos are a popular small breed of dogs known for their affectionate nature and playful personality. They fit in homes of all sizes and are suitable for families of all ages and sizes. If you’re welcoming a Maltipoo into your family, here are some supplies you’ll want to get to welcome them home.

Puppy Carrier

Traveling safely with your puppy is imperative to their health. A compact puppy carrier can be belted into the backseat of your car and used to carry your dog from one place to another. Fabric carriers with mesh panels are excellent options for this dog breed. Find one that isn’t too big and is easy to handle. These will also come in handy for trips to the Veterinarian.

Dog Crate

If you’re going to crate train, the best-sized crate for a Maltipoo is 30” long to leave room for your puppy to grow into an adult. Talk to your breeder to help you choose the best fit for your pup.

Dog Food

Of course, you’ll need to stock up on puppy chow to ensure your new addition gets the nutrients they need to survive and thrive. Discuss dog food options with your breeder to ensure you use the same food your puppy is already accustomed to. Changing your puppy’s food without taking the proper steps to transition can lead to stomach issues.

Puppy Bed

Investing in a cozy puppy bed can ensure your Maltipoo is comfortable as they get used to their new home. Puppies love to lounge, so you can never have too many beds! Some beds are even designed to fit inside half of the dog crate if you plan on having your dog sleep in the crate as time goes on.

Chew Toys

As one of the leading suppliers of Maltipoo puppies for sale Arkansas, we’ve heard many nightmare stories about puppies and their chewing! As puppies’ teeth begin to grow, chewing can be intense. Puppies chew on everything in sight to ease the pain and discomfort. They may also chew out of boredom and curiosity. To keep them away from your furniture, shoes, and other valuables, make sure you have plenty of chew toys available. Find chew toys that are reasonably sized for a small dog and check the chewing intensity to ensure your puppy has what they need for relief.

Walking Set

Picking out your puppy’s leash and collar or harness should be fun. These accessories don’t just keep your dog safe, but they are also your chance to give them some style. Choose an option that is highlighted for stability, comfort, and control.

Be Prepared to Bring Home Your New Addition with the Most Trusted Breeder with Maltipoo Puppies for Sale Arkansas

With some thought and effort, you’ll have everything you need to welcome your Maltipoo into the family with ease. Contact us to find a loving, cuddly Maltipoo that fits right in! As the most trusted Maltipoo breeder shipping puppies nationwide, we’re here to help you transition your new addition into your home without a problem.


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