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We are dedicated to care for and nurture loving, healthy, beautiful puppies in a clean & safe environment.

Our goal is for your new pet to have had the absolute best care from birth to when you take it home.


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Gender: Female

Breed: Maltipoo

Color: Parti - Dark Brown/White

Price: $2500


Gender: Male

Breed: Maltese

Color: White Male

Price: $1800


Gender: Male

Breed: Maltese

Color: White Male

Price: $1800


Gender: Male

Breed: Maltese

Color: White

Price: $1800


Gender: Male

Breed: Maltese

Color: White

Price: $1800


Gender: Male

Breed: Poodle (Miniature)

Color: Red

Price: $4000


If you are looking for your new best friend, we have the perfect pup for you! As one of the most reliable breeders in NW, Arkansas, we put our puppies first. This ensures new families bring home healthy, quality puppies! With options to deliver or ship our puppies anywhere in the U.S., our reservation slots for new litters go fast! Browse through the rest of our website, check back regularly, or contact us to get your hands on the perfect Toy Poodle or  Maltipoo puppies for sale!

At Fisher Mountain Puppies we pride ourselves in a level of respect and care that other breeders may take for granted. 

We love our dogs and want them to feel the love we have for them.  We reflect this level of care on to them in the way we talk to them, the shelter they are provided, their hygiene, how we nurture them and play with them.   All of our puppies are even named so we can love on them individually!

At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we love puppies! We strive to breed quality, healthy small dogs.

We will work with any potential buyer to the best of our abilities. It is always our goal to match you with the perfect fit to complete your family! We are proud to be USDA-Compliant (License #73B1859) and 100% compliant with our AKC inspection.

Our Health Guarantee

We guarantee that your puppy will be in good health! See more information here.


Hubbell Family
Gibson Family
Martinez Family
McGill Family
Mellor Family
Patel Family
Plummer Family
Rachel and her
Beautiful Maltipoo Puppy
Sisters Mindy and Rochelle
Smith Family
Leandro Santos
adopting Sweet Maltipoo
Thank you Erik
for my Big Party!
Wyatt and Elise Keller
Thank you Trevon,
for adopting our Beautiful Red Toy Poodles.
Triston & Tammy
Boling Family
Waldrop Family
Warling Family

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ready for you to take home!

If you decide that Maltipoo puppies are for you, you’ll find that you’ve chosen an active, playful, fun-loving dog! Maltipoos undoubtedly enjoy life. They are the perfect dogs for playing games, going for walks, or simply hanging out in the house! They make an ideal choice for first-time or timid dog owners but are indeed an excellent choice for any family!



Some of our previous Toy Poodle and Maltipoo Puppies

TOY POODLES are one our specialties!

Are you looking for the perfect pet?   Toy Poodles are very responsive, remarkably intelligent and one of the most trainable breeds around. Our Toy Poodles are sweet, cheerful, perky and so much fun to have as a pet.  Toy Poodles are very sociable around other dogs and you are sure to find them to be a great addition if you currently have another pet. This little dog can be good with children but as with any small dog, proper training should be adhered.

Keys to training your Toy Poodle to be the perfect addition to any family.

  • Make sure you are your dog’s firm, consistent, confident pack leader, providing daily mental and physical exercise in order to have a trustworthy, mentally stable dog

Find Your Furever Friend!

Prepare to fall in love with one of our Toy Poodle puppies for sale!

These brilliant pups are also non-shedding, making them an excellent addition for anyone with allergies. Poodles started as hunting dogs because they are particularly good at water retrieving. With their quick intelligence and desire to please, they became performance dogs before they were known for their elegant aristocratic qualities for royalty in France.

Why You Want One of Our Toy Poodles for Sale


Beautiful AKC Poodle

Toy Poodle Puppies
AKC Male Dark Brown/White Toy Parti Poodle

They are disciplined, easy to train, friendly, hypoallergenic, and incredibly loyal. As the popularity of the Poodle breed continued to increase, breeders began creating more miniature Poodles.

These little loves make the perfect option for apartment living and other small living environments. Check out our latest litters and get your hands on the perfect companion with our toy Poodle puppies for sale!

Red Toy Poodle PERFECTION!! Been 20 years in the making.


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AKC and USDA Compliant

Beautiful Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Arkansas

If you are looking for the perfect dark red Maltipoos puppies for sale, you’ve come to the right breeder! Whether you’re looking for more information on the breed or are looking for Maltipoo puppies for sale in Texas, we’re here to help! At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we breed beautiful Maltipoo and toy Poodle puppies for sale from our USDA-compliant facility.

Browse through our available Maltipoo puppies for sale in Arkansas and surrounding states like Texas and Missouri! Get ready to take home the perfect addition to your family with these intelligent, easy-going, adorable puppies! Check out our red Maltipoo puppies for sale and explore our available litters today!

Gorgeous Dark Red Maltipoo
Puppies for Sale

While their gorgeous red coat is one of the selling points of our Maltipoo puppies for sale in Arkansas, their disposition is what truly makes these pups such a prize! Maltipoos are a great option for first-time dog owners. That’s because of their easy well-mannered nature. As with any puppy, you will still need to practice plenty of patience during house training. But once you spend some time with these sweet puppies, you will quickly build a bong.

If you want to meet the most loyal friend, you’ll ever find, contact us to find out more about of next litter of Maltipoo puppies for sale in Arkansas!

Oklahomans’ we have the perfect pet for you! 

Our NW Arkansas bred puppies are just a short drive away + delivery options are available.

Learn More About Our Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Oklahoma

Maltipoos are incredibly loyal and affectionate family dogs who love to bond with their owners. Since the Poodles are bred to work with their owners and Maltese are bred to be lap dog companions, the hybrid makes the perfect combination for your next family dog!

Our Maltipoo puppies for sale do very well with tolerating small children and babies. Since they are so small in size, most children feel comfortable handling them. Still, it’s essential to teach your children how to handle and care for your Maltipoo properly. If you are looking to add a lot of extra love to your family, get your hands on one of our Maltipoo puppies for sale in Oklahoma!

If you’re ready to complete your family with a gorgeous, sweet puppy, you’ve come to the right breeder! We have new litters available with male and female pups. To reserve your spot, simply process your online deposit, and you’ll get to pick your sweet new baby boy or girl when they’re born! We allow buyers to choose their pups from their reserved litter in the order deposits were received.

Texas Residents! 

We have the perfect pet for you!  Our Arkansas bred puppies have multiple delivery options available.

AKC Inspected. 100% Compliant. Adorable Red Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Texas!

Maltipoos seldom meet a stranger and absolutely love being with people. They are known for being playful, funny, cute, and love to snuggle and cuddle with their forever family!

The advantages of purchasing one of our Maltipoo puppies for sale in Texas include:

Maltipoos come in a variety of colors, including apricot, cream, chocolate, and white. At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we specialize in Arkansas bred red Maltipoo puppies for sale in Texas! These beautiful pups won’t just fill your home with an overabundance of love, but they will also turn heads with their gorgeous red coat! Explore our Maltipoo puppies page to check out available litters!

Playful Cinnamon Red Maltipoo Puppies for Sale

At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we are dedicated to a healthy legacy by providing beautiful, loving puppies across the U.S.

We’re happy you’re here to explore our website and hope that you find your special puppy friend with our caring breeder! We genuinely feel that we have the cutest, best-natured, loving, and healthiest red Maltipoo puppies for sale in Texas and beyond!

Maltipoos are a hybrid breed that crosses Maltese and Poodle breeds to deliver a fun, loving puppy that makes a great addition to any family. Also called Maltepoo or Maltese-Poodles, our Maltipoo puppies for sale in Houston come with many beautiful qualities. Not only do they have non-shedding attributes, but our Maltipoo puppies are great with kids! Their playful, loving, and loyal personalities make our toy Maltipoo puppies for sale an excellent option for any size family.

While most Maltipoos are small in size, our Maltipoo puppies for sale make a great addition to families in small living environments or apartments! Get in touch with us today to learn more about the newest litter of cinnamon red Maltipoo puppies for sale at Fisher Mountain Puppies! Since they are low maintenance and incredibly intelligent, these cuties make a great addition to families in any size household.

Looking for a Cute, Fun Friend? Check Out Our Red Maltipoo Puppies for Sale
At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we breed happy, good-natured, loving puppies! Hand raised and nurtured by us and raised alongside their mother and siblings, our Maltipoo puppies for sale in Oklahoma are sure to be your new best friend!

From day one, our puppies are handled and loved daily by our family. We love giving them the love and care they deserve because we just love puppies! As an AKC inspected breeder, we take pride in the loving, clean environment we provide. This ensures that our Maltipoo puppies for sale in Arkansas go off to their furever homes healthy and happy!

Missouri Residents Look No Further!

Check Out Our Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Missouri

At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we love puppies! We will work with any potential buyer to the best of our abilities. It is always our goal to match you with the perfect fit to complete your family! We are proud to be USDA-Compliant (License #73B1859) and 100% compliant with our AKC inspection.

At our facility, we go beyond the call of duty to bring the clients we serve the healthiest Maltipoo puppies for sale in Missouri. We have built a stellar reputation in the breeder community because we pay special attention to our dogs. We care for each of our puppies directly and give them the love, attention, and affection they need and deserve daily! We believe that puppies are healthier and better socialized when raised by a family and around other dogs.

Of course, we miss them when they go! Still, there’s nothing more satisfying to us than knowing that we’ve matched you with the perfect pup, and they’re on their way to a loving home!

If you want to make a reservation or place a deposit for our latest litter of dark red Maltipoos for sale, we’re here to help! 

If you want the most loved and well-treated Arkansas bred Maltipoo puppies for sale in Missouri, we’ve got the puppy for you!

Missouri Delivery Options Available
Adorable Toy Maltipoo Puppies for Sale!

Don’t let their small size fool you. Although these sweet pups are small in size, they come full of love when they meet their furever family! At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we give buyers the peace of mind they deserve when investing their love and care in a new puppy. We have zero tolerance for substandard breeding practices. When you get a puppy from Fisher Mountain Puppies, you get a puppy who has been loved and cared for daily with the one-on-one attention you expect from a reliable breeder!

At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we love to be hands-on with our puppies. They get more than enough socialization and attention while they are growing alongside their mamas and other littermates. This ensures that you bring home a new friend that’s been introduced to people and other dogs from the youngest age. It’s not just the puppies that benefit from all the love and attention we provide. The best part of our job is that we get to love on these adorable pups until they’re ready to go home to their new families.

So Full of Love! Toy Maltipoo Puppies for Sale

Maltipoos are a smaller version of our popular Maltipoo crossbreed. They are so small that they typically weigh between five and ten pounds! However, they can be smaller depending on how they’re bred!

These mini pups are friendly, intelligent, and loyal! Since they are so small, it’s crucial to find other small dogs to socialize with to avoid injuries. Training and socializing your small pup from a young age can ensure you get the most loyal and disciplined puppy around!

Explore our available puppies page!

For our available Maltipoo puppies for sale, get in touch with us

One of the most common reasons buyers come to us for these Maltipoo puppies for sale is because of their undeniable cuteness!

Maltipoos fit with the recent trends of teddy bear dogs. These designer dogs have large, dark eyes and incredibly soft fur. They can easily fit in your arms and honestly give the appearance that you’re carrying around a small stuffed animal. Not only will their look melt your heart, but the smaller size of these pups means less exercise is required. They’ll still need plenty of love, attention, and affection. Just make sure to be delicate in handling these cute little sweeties!

Fisher Mountain Puppies Gorgeous Dark Red Maltipoo Puppies for Sale
Louisiana Residents We Have Many Delivery Options

Contact Us for Maltipoo Puppies
for Sale in Louisiana

Our previous buyers check in to tell us that their puppies grow into dogs who love cuddling and are sensitive to their family’s wants and needs!

Most importantly, Maltipoos can adapt to any kind of home. What matters most with these pups is being around their families. Our past litters have made fun-loving, happy additions to all our buyers. While many of our dogs are small, they have stolen many hearts in significant ways!

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. At Fisher Mountain Puppies, we’re not just dedicated to our puppies. We’re dedicated to all the families we serve. Let us help you bring home a dog that will offer you a lifetime of love and support. Our puppies will be an extension of your family that brings you loads of affection and joy. We love our puppies, and do not doubt that you will too!

Explore the rest of our site to see our available Arkansas bred Maltipoo puppies for sale in Louisiana!

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