I love my Morkie from Fisher Mountain Puppies!  Bandit
is so funny and full of personality.  He keeps our
family laughing!  Colene was so nice and helpful
picking out the type of puppy that would be best for
our family.  She was glad to answer my many questions
and asked me to call if I had ANY questions after
bringing him home.  When I visited her home, her girls
were holding and loving the puppies, and even pointed
out the adult dogs they take to dog shows.  This is a
family that truly loves dogs!   The puppies were all
so adorable; it was hard to choose the cutest!
Vicky W. in Oklahoma
Sid came to our family as a early birthday present for me from my husband Ron in August '07.  He is full
of personality and it shows!  When he's happy, (which is 99% of the time), he's happy all over.  But there
is that rare occasion when he doesn't get his way and he "pouts" just like my 7 year old!  He's extremely
smart and adorably hysterical.  If there is any kind of mischief to get into, Siddo the Kiddo is going to find
it.  He is extremely loving and has to be right with one of his people, no matter what you are doing.  He
was very easily trained and is extremely spoiled.  Once you meet Colene and see all the work and love
she puts into her kennels, you understand why her puppies are just rotten!

Ron has always preferred cats over dogs, but fell instantly in love with Sid, so much so that he decided
that Sid needed a girlfriend.  There was never a second thought on where we would go to get our Chloe.  
No bargain hunting for us, Colene's puppies are not your average "parking lot puppies".  Each one of
them are loved, adored and fiercly protected.  A few of the things that impressed us most about Colene
was the care, the time, the love and the extreme particularness with the puppies.  She's not running a
puppy factory, she's building families!  You can tell her about your lifestyle and your home and she will
tell you what kind of dog is right for you.  I had never entertained the notion of a Shih Tzu, let alone Ron.
She knows each one of them individually and doesn't want her dogs to go to just anyone.  When you
leave, she's confident that not only is your dog right for you, but also that you are right for your dog.  Her
caring doesn't stop when you leave the driveway. She will answer a call 24/7 in the event you need help
with the puppy.  I will ALWAYS recommend Colene to those looking for a precious little ankle biter full
of love!

Ron, Tootie, Reece and Sooner Sidney Lamb
Wister, OK
Miss Molly is doing so well. She is such a happy little dog and quite feisty. She totally bosses
my bichon around. She is quite healthy and will be starting obedience classes  soon.  My
whole neighborhood enjoys watching her bounce around on my front lawn chasing my other
dog. Everyone goes to work in the morning with a smile on their faces watching her antics.
Hi Colene, just wanted you to
> know we have him. He is so precious. He cuddled
> with me all the way home. Thought he might be a little
> sad but he is up playing and checking everything out.
> We are so happy he is everything and more than we
> expected. Thank you so very much. Have a
> wonderful Merry Christmas. The Stones.
We have been just overjoyed with our new addition to our family. Nugget is doing just great.
He is fully crate trained and no matter where he is in the home he goes to his potty area when
he needs to. He is always happy to see us each morning and when we come home from work.
He has done extremely well with the vet and groomer and I think that is in part by the way he
was cared for from birth and we can't thank you enough. He is extremely smart and responds
to simple commands. He interacted with our daughters pet Boston Terrier and they are now
good friends. He seems to enjoy his new surroundings and settles down quickly when it it time
for bed. We enjoy watching him play with his toys and our grandkids. They say he is the
cutest dog ever and we agree. He has so much character and makes us laugh contantly by his
Thank you so much for the care you take with your puppies and for allowing us to adopt such
a wonderful little boy. We will certainly recommend Fisher Mountain to anyone looking for a
new puppy.

Thank You
Brad & Janie
April- 2012
Hi Colene!
Just thought we would update you and let you know
how Oakley is doing. We changed his name to
Oakley for Oklahoma and he is already responding
to it. He is doing pretty well with potty training too.
He was absolutely AMAZING on the 10 hour ride
home in the back seat with the kids. We couldn't
believe how quiet and wonderful he was all the way
back to Iowa.

He is settling in well. Our 8-year-old Shih Tzu,
Quincy isn't sure about him quite yet but I'm sure
they will be best friends in no time at all.

Just wanted to thank you and let you know we are
absolutely in love with our new addition!

Take Care,
Jenny Fredrickson
From: Brandy
Subject: Testimony/Ziggy born
To: "smalldoglover@sbcglobal.net"
Date: Friday, October 26, 2012,
2:33 AM

I want to share pictures of my
precious Ziggy!! He's been 1 of the
greatest blessings! He's so sweet,
great with kids, and my entire
family is in love... Not to mention
adorable! :) I am thinking about
getting another Mal-Shi from you
in the future!
I'm so thankful we found you!!!
Dear Colene, I'm certain this is one of many notes
you get about one of your puppies.  Harry is truly
the most amazing dog to ever come into my life,
altho I've loved them all.  He has been on 4 very
long plane flights & has yet to make a peep.  He is
the sweetest & most affectionate puppy I have ever
seen!  He has a disposition that I can hardly
believe. He sleeps with me & has never had an
accident!  I am so amazed & so in love with this
little guy, I can't believe it.  He is a celebrity
wherever he goes!  I can't thank you enough for
this wonderful little dog.  He will never want for
anything!  Ellie Q
We have had Gabby for one week today!  Just wanted to follow up to say THANK YOU so
much for allowing us to adopt your blood, sweat & tears.  It is VERY showing how much of
your time you dedicate to the well being of your animals & how much they mean to you.  I
am so thankful for all the information and time you spent with me to educate me on anything
at all that could happen & what to do...  Just in case!  Thanks to your extensive care and
nurturing, none of that has been required but is still instilled in my brain! :)

Gabby has filled a very large void within our family & we all love her very much!  She fits
into our family like a glove!  So very blessed.  Thank you for all you do!  I cannot say that
Amy Wood 10/19/2014
Hi Colene!

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for TK, whom we have named Tallulah Rose
Tarleton. We are so blessed to have found you and this beautiful, amazing puppy. SHE HAS BEEN
A COMPLETE JOY from the moment we picked her up from the airport.

Last night, her second night in our home, she slept soundly in her crate, without a cry. She has
been eating the mix of food easily and happily (yours and ours - we chose Natural Balance),
drinking water and even going to the bathroom outside! Unbelievable for only having this puppy 2
days. We took her to the vet yesterday and the vet was so pleased with how you cared for her and
how healthy she is. She is a whopping 2.1 pounds and is just a love. She is so happy and we so
appreciate you for your professionalism and the puppies you breed.

We are considering purchasing another puppy in the future and would not hesitate for a second to
do business with you again. I have shared your contact info with friends who are now interested in
puppies after knowing about our experience. Tallulah is so loved here, already a true member of
our family, comfortable in our home and we are so happy to have her.

Many thanks to you again and blessings!

With love,
Lisa and Keith T. 2015